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Appel aux contributions: Beyond disegno? The emergence of independent drawings in Germany and Italy in the 15th and 16th century

Florence, Kunsthistorisches Institut, Max-Planck-Institut 3 – 5 March 2016
Deadline for submissions: 
10.8.2015 to Daniela Bohde (

Disegno has received great attentionfrom art-historical scholarship for several decades now. Itssignificance for the art of the Italian Renaissance and for the system of the arts right up to the modern era is indisputable. But artistic developments outside the sphere of disegno easily escape our notice. This isparticularly true of independent or finished drawings. Thus it was barely registered that independent drawings were produced in large numbers in Germany after 1500, but remained the exception in Italy. We would expect this situation to be the other way round, given the highly developed culture of drawing in Italy, where artists worked with distinct graphic media and types of drawing. Drawings were collected, and practical aids such as cartoons were exhibited in public and, in the case of Michelangelo, proclaimed the “scuola del mondo”. Yet drawings were situated almost exclusively within the working process and – despite the heightened appreciation of disegno – were understood as a preparatory medium that was ultimately just a means to an end. Continuer la lecture