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Colloque international « Une nouvelle histoire de la critique d’art à la lumière des humanités numériques ? », 17 au 19 mai 2017

On nous signale la tenue d’un colloque international les 17, 18 et 19 mai 2017, à l’École du Louvre, la Galerie Colbert et l’École des Chartes. Intitulé « Une nouvelle histoire de la critique d’art à la lumière des humanités numériques ? », il est organisé par l’équipe de recherche du programme Bibliographies de critiques d’art francophones.

Le programme, financé par le Labex CAP, la Comué Hésam, l’Université Paris 1 et l’HiCSA, est arrivé récemment à son terme, avec la mise en ligne de la base de données Bibliographies des critiques d’art français, accessible à cette adresse : Une journée d’études inaugurale de lancement du site et de la base aura lieu le 31 mars 2017 à l’auditorium de l’INHA.

Appel aux contributions: International Symposium, Words for theory, words for practice: Forms, Uses, Issues in Early Modern artistic Lexicography

Montpellier (France), June 15th-17th 2016
Deadline: Oct 15, 2015
LexArt – ERC <> (AdG 2012 n°323761)

In theImmagine prospect of the circulation of concepts and practices and the permeability of artistic boundaries, the project LexArt – Words of art: the Rise of a terminology (1600-1750) which began in April 2013, studies the development of artistic vocabulary in the seventeenth-century, beginning with the Italian vocabulary of the great foundational texts, and how it transforms in the first part of the eighteenth-century among North European theorists in relation with artistic practices in France, Germany, England and the Netherlands. Words are agents in the circulation of concepts, and turn out to be a significant site of experimentation, dissemination, transfers and networks across artistic communities in early modern Europe. Though the chronological and geographical boundaries, as well as the scope of the LexArt project itself are defined precisely, the purpose of this symposium is the necessary confrontation with other patterns from a methodological and conceptual perspective, and the extending of precise themes in order to provide a theoretical as well as concrete framework for the tools being developed by the LexArt project, namely the database (web application with interface under development), and the Encyclopedic Dictionary of artistic Terminology (in preparation) which are both based on publication of specific and targeted sources. This symposium proposes various directions and fields of research through interdisciplinary and related approaches, to better grasp and define the forms, uses and issues of early modern artistic theory.  Continuer la lecture